Search Castle Rock Magazine Cover Contest!

Do you have an INCREDIBLE picture of Castle Rock?  If so, enter our Cover Contest for our December issue.  It’s easy…upload your picture below (make sure it is high enough resolution to be on the cover) and we will post select entries on our Facebook page.  The winner will be chosen by our readers by voting on Facebook.

Here is what makes a GREAT cover:

  • Emotion – something our readers can recognize and make a connection with
  • Vertical orientation – although this isn’t essential, remember it is going to need to fill the entire cover
  • High resolution – most phones now a days can take great photos…just make sure yours can be blown up enough to be used
  • Represents all of Castle Rock – your photo should be something stunning that represents all of Castle Rock.  Portraits are great for people, but usually don’t work well for community magazines so if people are in the photo make sure they represent all of Castle Rock.
  • Don’t forget postage…and our name – since we have a postal block on the bottom right corner AND a Search Castle Rock “mast head” at the top make sure you photo can still be awesome with those on top.
  • Please no commercials – if your photo is a great promotional or commercial shot for your business…that’s cool…but not for this contest.

Your cover entry must be received by 5pm MST November 24, 2017 .

Of course, the picture must be yours and an original photo taken by you.  Let’s see what you’ve got Castle Rock!

I Agree

Although we love computers, we need to make sure you are a real person. Please input the following code in the box below:

Once you have submitted the above, please upload your photo entry at