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The Trials

Secrets, Spells and Tales

By Liz Rau

The Salem Witch Trials are widely known throughout history, but it’s the lesser known black curse that has been weighing heavily on Harry. But when a mysterious new girl arrives in town with a hidden past, dark secrets come to light and new stories are woven throughout the threads of time with the help of a gypsy. The only question is, will this be enough to break the curse?

This book is available for purchase on Amazon.com and on Kindle.
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Three Silly Words

The Tale of a Car, a Banana and a Ladybug

Written By Ericka Harrell & Illustrated By Krysta Parr

Three silly words, one silly story! What do you get when you take two silly brothers, one day at the carnival, a bunch of imagination, and oodles of family fun? Oh yes, and let’s not forget… a car, a banana, and a ladybug?!? One silly story, of course!

A little about Three Silly Words…
Ericka Harrell is a new children’s book author based in Parker. Her illustrator, Krysta Parr, is based in Centennial.

Last year, Krysta and Ericka were chosen to be bridesmaids in their dear friend’s wedding. Having never met before, the two began talking, and lo and behold, they both had life-long dreams of writing and illustrating children’s books. Last fall, after 17 years of service at Ericka’s beloved company, she hung up her corporate high heels and decided to chase her dream of becoming a children’s book author full time. Krysta also recently accepted her dream job and is working as a graphic artist at a large company.

Ericka’s children inspired her book series. When they were little and couldn’t fall asleep, Ericka would ask them to think of three words, any three words, and she would make up a silly story that included all of them. The more unrelated the words, the sillier the story! Ten years later, Three Silly Words, the book series, was born!

All of the “three silly words” used in Ericka’s books are created by her children, their silly friends, and the young students she reads to. Ericka has two titles self-published to date, “Three Silly Words: The Tale of a Pizza, a Treehouse and a Shark,” and “Three Silly Words: The Tale of a Car, a Banana and a Ladybug.” Both are available on Amazon.

Her first title is also available on BarnesandNoble.com.

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