So You Have a Senior…

So You Have a Senior…

Senior year is a tremendous milestone for students, whether they are planning on continuing their education in college, entering the military, perhaps taking a gap year or going straight into the workforce. Senior year is filled with numerous celebrations, but there are also numerous deadlines. If you have a senior, be sure to keep track of these deadlines so your student is not too far behind the 8-ball during what should be one of the most exciting years of their life.

Senior Year Checklist

[ ]   If you haven’t already, book senior photos. They are usually due in the first semester, so having them done before school starts or soon after the start of the year is a good idea.

[ ]   If your senior doesn’t already have an idea of the colleges they want to apply to, start looking as soon as possible. Take the opportunity to visit and tour schools. Chances are multiple colleges will be appealing, so the sooner they start looking, the sooner they’ll be able to research their choices and narrowing down the list for applications.

[ ]   College applications open as early as September, so the sooner they’ve selected which colleges they want to apply to the better!

[ ]   Have your senior start looking for scholarships as soon as school year starts. It is never too early to start applying. Applying for scholarships can continue throughout senior year and even into post-senior year summer.

[ ]   Make sure to have your senior check class credit requirements as soon as school starts; they should already be set as they’ve have already chosen classes, but it doesn’t hurt to double check – better safe than sorry!

[ ]   Many schools require at least 20 hours of community service as a graduation requirement. At the beginning of the year, seniors should check how many hours they’ve completed. Ideally, they should try to complete their hours first semester so they can focus on college applications and other senior requirements for the remainder of the year.

[ ]   That halfway through point is also a good time to check on their grades; graduation eligibility hinges on grades and failing grades would prohibit them from graduating with the rest of their class.


What Seniors Should Know

Advice to Seniors, from a College Freshman

  • Senior Year IS NOT the easiest year, if anything, you should push harder senior year to finish out strong.
  • College applications all require transcripts which include senior year, first semester grades, and colleges also require a final transcript to be sent at the end of the year. Senior year grades are taken into serious consideration, so make sure to stay on top of school senior year!
  • Grades are important, however, do make sure to enjoy your senior year….there are lots of fun opportunities to take a part in. Don’t miss out on things like senior sunrise/sunset, senior assemblies, etc. These special events will make it a lot of fun finishing out your last year of high school!
  • Take advantage of the resources available to you. My most helpful resource was my high school counselor. If I had questions or needed help with credits, community service hours, college/scholarship applications, she was happy to help. If you have questions on college/scholarship essays, your English teacher is also a great resource.
  • It may seem obvious, but Google is also a good resource for application essays.

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